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How To Spot Sad Story Scams On Social Media

Time and time again we see sad stories that go viral at record speed especially after social media influencers and celebrities share these posts. Many times it helps to bring awareness to significant issues but now unscrupulous vultures are using this opportunity to prey on honest, kindhearted people. We see all these posts circulating that tugs on your empathetic heartstrings and makes you forget all reasoning. Especially during this pandemic, we know a lot more people are having a hard time and need a lending hand. On the other hand, you have these entitled thieves taking advantage of the situation. We know a lot of people are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to online “help me” scams. You’ve seen the cries for help and the Go Fund Me pages set up to “assist” alleged victims or charities. Do not take everything you see on social media at face value and donate money to these so-called causes. Do a little background check and research legitimate sources.

Have you been social media sad story scammed?

Some of these posts may be real but scams come in many shapes and forms. For example, the situation may have occurred but someone else is trying to profit off the stories of real people struggling. On the other hand, people that reached out for help may have already been compensated enough but because they see the willingness of others to give they will continue to take advantage of your kindness.

Here are a few tips to spot scams:

  • Check to see how long the post has been circulating
  • Find out who is the source
  • In the case of a missing person or someone seriously injured google the case and see if any credible news sources have featured the story
  • If a person is claiming to be abducted or held against their will chances are they won’t have access to a phone or even be able to post on social media. Even if they did they would use a phone to call the police for help or a loved one, not share with strangers on social media.
  • If someone is asking for an unreasonable amount of assistance, that the general public shouldn’t be consulting on, check to see if they have already exhausted all other options from professionals or simply recommend that they do so.
  • Try to get the other side of the story or another account, more than likely someone else has something to say about the validity of the story.
  • Look for signs to see if someone is just seeking clout (attention) to boost their social media following or to raise money for an unrelated hidden motive.

Now that you have these tips, think carefully before you believe, share, or donate to a cause. It is also important to note if these posts involve others then sharing these scams can affect a person, place, and/or business negatively if you spread these unconfirmed stories. We are in the age of “cancel culture” so if we are not careful innocent parties may be harmed in the process.

Gillum concedes to DeSantis in racially charged Florida campaign that followed Trump’s playbook

Midterms 2018

It’s was surely a close call but in the end Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded the hotly contested race for governor in Florida to Republican Ron DeSantis.

In a close race that mirrored the Senate contest between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, DeSantis built up a razor-thin lead of just under 1 percent of more than 8 million votes cast.

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Death toll rises to 7 as Florence pours on the rain

NEW BERN, N.C. (AP) — Thousands of people living near North Carolina’s rising rivers were ordered evacuated Saturday as hurricane-turned-tropical storm Florence practically parked itself over land and poured on the rain Saturday, raising fears that the state could be in for the most destructive flooding in its history.

The death toll climbed to at least seven.

A day after Florence blew ashore in North Carolina with 90 mph (145 kph) winds, Coast Guardsmen, Marines and other rescue crews used helicopters, boats and heavy-duty vehicles to reach scores of people trapped on rooftops or otherwise caught in the floodwaters.

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We Remeber 9/11: Trump and Tributes

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans looked back on 9/11 Tuesday with tears and somber tributes as President Donald Trump hailed “the moment when America fought back” on one of the hijacked planes used as weapons in the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil.

Victims’ relatives said prayers for their country, pleaded for national unity and pressed officials not to use the 2001 terror attacks as a political tool in a polarized nation.

Seventeen years after losing her husband, Margie Miller came from her suburban home to join thousands of relatives, survivors, rescuers, and others on a misty morning at the memorial plaza where the World Trade Center’s twin towers once stood.

“To me, he is here. This is my holy place,” she said before the hours-long reading of the names of her husband, Joel Miller, and the nearly 3,000 others killed when hijacked jets slammed into the towers, the Pentagon and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001.

The president and first lady Melania Trump joined an observance at the Sept. 11 memorial near Shanksville, where one of the jetliners crashed after 40 passengers and crew members realized what was happening and several passengers tried to storm the cockpit.

Calling it “the moment when America fought back,” Trump said the fallen “took control of their destiny and changed the course of history.”

They “joined the immortal ranks of American heroes,” said Trump.

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Breaking News: Washington DC declares a state of emergency as hurricane Florence approaches N.C.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The Latest on Hurricanes Florence and Isaac (all times local):

12:30 p.m.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., has declared a state of emergency as the nation’s capital prepares for heavy rains, flooding and power outages related to Hurricane Florence.

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced the move Tuesday morning, describing it as a necessary step to “ensure we have the resources and support” to handle several days of torrential rain.

Several public events and street festivals scheduled for this weekend have been canceled, and Bowser advised Washington residents to stock up on groceries and batteries and make sure their prescriptions are filled.

City officials say the primary dangers to residents will come from flash flooding and power lines downed by falling tree branches.

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