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Kids Fly Free Travel Deal!

If you have kids and are planning a family trip, this deal is for you. A little-known airline dropped a new deal on Monday stating that they are now offering “Kids Fly Free” in addition to its already low prices.

“Flying Frontier makes it easy to get great travel deals for your family, and we’re making it even easier for your flock to fly by letting Kids Fly Free. FREE. And we aren’t just talking about the small-enough-to-sit-on-your-lap kids. We’re including the tall-enough-to-ride-the-big-rides kids, the mom-I’m-not-a-baby-anymore kids, or the oh-my-gosh-they’re-almost-driving kids.” stated in Frontiers’ Kids Fly Free Campaign.

Of course, there is fine print and I’m spilling the beans. You’re in luck if your child or children are younger than 14 years old, but here’s the catch one child fly free per adult fare and you must join Frontier’s “Discount Den” member fare club. Don’t be discouraged, when you do the math the membership fees work out to less than an average round trip ticket so It’s totally worth the $59.99 yearly membership fee.

In addition, check to make sure this deal applies to the dates you are planning to travel. More than likely you will be flying during the week because this offer is tailored to specific days that does not seem to include weekends. So, kudos to you if this deal applies to your lifestyle!

Book that flight and packs those backs because kids we are going on an adventure!