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Must-See Attraction in South Florida: Billy Swap Safari

img_1854-e1534795829331.jpg Billy Swap Safari Entrance

Looking for a great outdoor adventure? Well, Billie Swamp Safari is one of the must-see attractions here in South Florida. Located in Clewiston on the Seminole Big Cypress Reservation, the Billie Swamp Safari offers both an authentic swamp and tribal experience. It is famous for its swamp buggies and also alligator wrestling. Check out some of the highlights below from my recent visit.

Right before the entrance is a set up for the petting zoo which is actually free of charge. Yes, I said free! This site is family friendly and welcomes you to interact with the animals in this section. The zoo in its entirety has over “20 different creatures that walk, swim, crawl and fly” (at least that’s what the brochure says) including bears, tigers, and owls.

petting zooKids at the Petting zoo playing with a Pony

There are both day and night packages that include rides and shows. This attraction is open 24/7, 7 days a week so you can pop in at any time. The paid activities include a Critter show, Snake show, Swamp Buggy rides, and Airboat Rides. I must say the Critter show was surprisingly enjoyable, interactive and informative. The hosts are very polite and will even take pictures of you and the critters.

IMG_1958Critter Show Host

As far as the rides go, you get your money’s worth with the 55 minutes long Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour that usually runs hourly from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will see all kinds of animals out in the wild with the driver/guide educating you about the animals, plants, and Seminole tribe. It’s a very nostalgic experience that opens your eyes to a very different world and time.

billie-swamp-safari-swamp-buggy-e1534798384627.pngSwam Buggy Eco-Tour
Photo by Billie Swamp Safari

It’s as fun as it seems, believe me! On the other hand, Airboat rides are faster with views of migratory birds, fish, snakes, turtles, alligators and more in their natural habitat. Boat rides run every half hour from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition, the alligator presentation is complimentary with all packages.

I can’t forget to mention the great features of the night time activities such as campfire storytelling or being able to sleep overnight in authentic Seminole Chickee huts or dorms. At night, swamp buggy rides get a little more interesting with the dark atmosphere.

What’s even more impressive? VIP tours are available that provides a personal guide to take you on a private, 90-minute Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour, extended airboat ride, animal encounter, all-access shows, a Swamp Platter Sampler, refreshments and “Survivor” memento.

Speaking about food, there is a Swamp Water Cafe. It’s not exactly what it sounds like. The restaurant does offer Native American delicacies such as frybread (sweet), frog legs, and gator tail nuggets but also serve traditional American classics like burgers and fries. I dare you to try the gator tail nuggets, but all jokes aside, I really enjoyed the frybread which comes complimentary with every meal. The Swamp cafe is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Savings Guide To Live Your Best Life!

Dollar Fund Piggybank Banknote Savings Financial

Savings Guide

How to enjoy life at the right price

Often times we put off that long needed vacation, upgrading our wardrobe or even just enjoying our weekend. What if I told you, you can afford it? Well here are the details to help you create a great budget. There is no need to feel defeated before you even try.

  1. Start by looking for deals –  while planning your getaway search for those flash sales or offseason deals.  You can sign up to get alerts from your dream destinations so you have promo codes coming into your inbox. Furthermore,  by searching the internet for deals it shows your interest in a destination and triggers the algorithm to “pop up” notifications for coupons or deals when available.
  2. Coupon sites – never say never! I became obsessed with couponing after my mother showed me how to save while buying quality products, instead of just buying cheap things. Sites like Groupon, coupon cabin, BeFrugal, and CheapOair provide great deals on shopping, travel, and entertainment. This includes popular attractions, car rentals, and luxury hotels.
  3. Cash Back Deals – these are my all-around favorite because whether you get a discount or pay full price you will still get a percentage of your purchase back. Don’t forget to sign up for your credit card cash back deals so you will be making money while spending it. Also, one popular trusted site for cash back deals is ebates.com.  On ebates, you not only earn cash back by shopping online but also in stores because you can link your accounts. Even better, they deposit your funds straight to your account or mail it if you prefer. Choices are always a good thing!
  4. Rebates – these are another type of cash back that you can get without signing up for membership. For example, buy items in bulk is one way to gain rebates from company’s because they want to offer you an incentive t be a repeat customer and are usually offered by large corporations.
  5. Destination sites – check state sites and attraction sites for deals. Believe it or not, city sites often advertise promo codes or coupon deals to promote tourism in that area. Attraction sites like Disney World and Universal Studios often have off-season sales for an extensive period of time. You can browse these sites for deals or sign up for email notifications.
  6. Loyalty Programs – these are usually free and can save you major bucks especially for the hotel expense. So next time when you stay at a hotel and they offer you a membership, take it! It’s free and you will earn points you can use later for a free night or more.

Last but not least, pay attention to those email notifications for savings!

If you enjoyed this article and it helped you on your quest for savings please share your comments. I would love to hear your tips for saving as well.

Happy Savings!